Kayan for Accounting and Tax Consultancy :


Reviewing financial statements, accounts,

  and preparing the suitable financial reports.

Internal control over companies.

Financial statements preparation.

Developing the internal control system for

  companies and factories.

Tax consultancy.

Tax examination including: ... see more

Law Services and Legal Consultations:


On behalf of its clients, Kayan’s specialized legal consultants suit and plead, each in its professional corner of all branches of the Egyptian law, as well as International Arbitrators to resolve global commercial disputes and arbitration cases.Kayan’s legal specialization includes for example: ... see more

HR Consulting:


Personnel consulting:

The Personnel department is one of the most important department s of the human resources (HR) management, as it is considered as a liaison between the staff and the central administration as well as the other sections; it, also, is based on the service of the personnel and meets their needs through coordination with departments and relevant sections.... see more

Clients we work with

Our Mission

Kayan is to become a unique leading company in the fields of management consulting, comprehensive specialized administrative services to all companies and institutions, departments, factories and regional organizations, governmental ...etc.

HR Service Options:

HR Service is the solution for HR support packages, compliance assistance, training and recruiting.  The following is an overview of these services.  Call for a free analysis to see how we can help with your most important asset – your people... etc.

Stand-alone services

Buy insurance period… buy complementary pension period… add individual insurance periods from any insurance office

Register any insurance period on the computer if not registered in the insurance ... etc.

Who’s Kayan – KBC?

Kayan for Business Consulting - is a part of integrated consulting offices with a profound expertise in providing both practical and scientific business solutions for different sectors i.e. companies,

factory/plants, hotels, hospitals, branch series, restaurants ....etc. Kayan covers the urgent business requirements for its customers in parallel until the final goals are successfully achieved.

Human Resources Management services is one of our, if not main services we brilliantly enjoy doing. Kayan can handle/audit Personnel services such in and outside the area of work when it comes to formulating internal work regulations, organization structure, employees social and labor law files. Kayan can help in Recruitment, organizational development activities, and hires for you qualified manpower and candidates. Kayan can help you conduct your annual Training plan as well.

Contact Info

Star Tower 3 Mostafa Kamel St.,

Lazoghly Sq.,

Down Town- Cairo 11461, Egypt


Mob:      (+2) 012 88 5 88855

Mob:      (+2) 010 140 440 43

Phone:   (+202) 279 4499 4

Telefax:  (+202) 27 9595 27


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