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Personnel consulting:


The Personnel department is one of the most important department s of the human resources (HR) management, as it is considered as a liaison between the staff and the central administration as well as the other sections; it, also, is based on the service of the personnel and meets their needs through coordination with departments and relevant sections.


Prepare the labour contracts to organize the nature of the work between the staff and the organization (company)

Organize the work through the fixed rules and foundations/ regulations in the Egyptian labour law.

regulate working hours and respite prescribed according to Egyptian labour law

Handle recruitment and initial staff adaptation until they be able to integrate into the company's system.

Design a system for monitoring personnel files, whether through a paper system (employee file) or through an electronic file to follow up the employee life cycle within the organization (the Company).

prepare separate files for the company's employees

Also, prepare files for company's resigned employees

Prepare separate holidays and leave records throughout the working days.

Prepare separate records for labour disputes and sanctions taken against employees.

Prepare records for promotions, other bonuses and benefits owed for the employees.

Follow-up resign and vacate mechanisms.

Prepare and calculate the employee' end of period bonus


One of the main roles of this department is handling the employee’s participation in the Social Insurance due to its positive impact on the organization and employees.


First: Social Insurance:


The first role of the HR is preserving the rights of the employees and / or the company and being as a fair judge. The first step to maintain the rights of the workers as well as of the company will be through registration in the Social Insurance whether the registration of companies or individuals.

1. Open social insurance record for the company (contracting record. Typical)

2. open records for the company's employees in the social insurance s1/ q1

3. Close the company's resigned personnel records s6/ q6

4. renew the employees' insurance at the company annually s2/q2

5. Periodic reviews (monthly and / or quarterly) on the insured employees at company.

6. Periodic follow-up to pay the monthly values for Social Insurance.

7. Dealing with Insurance Contracting Office


Second, income taxes:


Income taxes is considered as a burden on the individual's income working at companies, the HR role is to ensure of the deduction of the income tax rate as well as to concern about liquidate any tax burdens on the individuals.

1. Calculate income tax expenses on each employee individually.

2. payment of income tax on behalf of the company and have what states that the company's debt was paid

3. Review and solve all the problems related to income taxes for prior years.

4. Handling payroll tax differences and the like.


Third: wages- salaries- compensations- and allowances system:


1. Design and implementation of the company's wages and salaries system.

2. apply all accounting standards when designing and implementing  the company's wages system

3. All wages system reports.



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